Helpful suggestions on what to get someone who just bought a boat.

So you know someone who just bought a boat and you want to get them a little something to celebrate (come on, it's a big deal!) but you're not too sure what to get them. Do not fret - you're not alone in this struggle for the perfect gift! We get this question all the time, let the Fogh gift guru's help! Below are some great gift guides on what to get that new boat owner in your life!

Log Books 

Cruising Log

Log Books are a great way for boat owners to keep track of their adventures! The Cruising Log is a popular choice that features a guest registry so the owner can see who's been aboard and visited, plus reference pages that have information on topics like radio procedures & rules of the road. 

Also available: The Ship's Log BookThe Guest LogBoater's Log Book & Journal  

Price varies according to model. 

Key Float 

Cork Ball Float

It's simple. Keys + Water = Risky Business. Help prevent that with a key float, or as I like to say "the 5 minute rule" float.  Key floats are great because they help ensure the 5 minute rule in case keys are dropped on the dock or around water. You can never have too many & with different styles to choose from, your new boat owner friends can have one of each! 

Cork Key Float: $4.99 


Richardsons' Lake Huron

Chartbooks, like Richardsons', are a great idea because they provide both U.S. and Canadian coverage, information on cruising facilities, large aerial photographs so it's easy to see, detailed index and emergency and basic navigation procedures! Plus it's all bound together in an easy to use spiral binding! Chartbooks are available for a variety of locations, so you can pick one based on where your friend is keeping their new boat, where they'll be sailing mostly or where they're going on vacation.

Available locations: Lake OntarioLake SuperiorLake EerieHudson River

Price varies according to publication. 

Port's Guide 

Port's Lake Ontario

Another favourite among boaters is the Port's Guide. Like the Richardsons' chartbooks, they have publications for a variety of areas/locations. The Port's Guides are filled with information on what to do, like where to eat, once you've docked! You’ll find detailed and up-to-date information on every port along the way, with expert advice on where to tie up, where to find supplies, where to eat and what to do when you get there. I like to think of them as the Zagat guide for boaters. 

Ports guides also available for Georgian Bay Lake North Huron Channel, Rideau Canal and Ottawa River, and Trent Severn and Lake Simcoe

Price varies according to publication selection. 

Charting Books/Tools 

Davis Charting Kit

Most boats are legally required to have paper charts on them (depends on boat size and if it's power or sail) so why not give your new boat owner friends the tools to read charts & plot their course! It may not be a fancy gift but it's practical! 

Suggestions: Davis Charting Kit (pictured) or the Davis Parallel Rule


Who doesn't love a good read through a magazine? Fogh Marine carries a selection of magazines that any boater would enjoy taking a read through. Such as Sailing World or Adventure Kayak. Let them enjoy a nice relaxing weekend, reading through a magazine while lounging on their new boat! Who wouldn't enjoy that?

Price varies according to magazine. 


ZBlok SPF 30 Cream SunblockWhen you have a boat you spend a lot of time on the water, which means you need a good sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV/UVB rays. One of the most popular choices among boaters is ZBlok with zinc oxide.  

Available in two sizes: 

4oz cream and 0.7oz stick

Captain's Hat 

Captain's Hat

It goes without saying that everyone needs a Captain's hat! Some may say it's cliche but it's necessary, almost like a right of passage. After all, they are a Captain now!

Price: $19.99

...and you can always get them the matching Captain's socks

Wet Notes 


Ah wet notes, a classic and simple item that comes in handy all the time. Why? Because they're completely waterproof! Great for making shopping lists on the boat, to do lists or writing down parts that are needed while getting ready for launch while it's cold & wet out. Great for racers, cruisers, sailors or power boaters! 

Small, Price: $16.50

Large, Price: $21.75

Sun Glass Retainers 

Cablz Monoz Adjustable Retainers XL ends

Nothing is worse than hearing that "clunk" noise while out on the water and realizing it was your sunglasses going overboard to their new home at the bottom of the lake. Help prevent your friends from loosing their favourite sunnies by giving them the gift of sunglasses retainers! Trust me, they'll thank you - and so will their wallet. With lots of styles & colours to choose from, you're sure to find some that are perfect for that new boat owner!

Price varies according to model. 

Gift Card 

Eh still not sure or you're on the fence? A gift card is always a great option. Getting a new boat can be exciting yet overwhelming sometimes so owners may not always know what they need right away. Gift cards let them get what they need, when they need it! Fogh Marine gift cards are great as they have no expiration date and are available in any denomination. Sometimes the best gift is letting them pick for themselves! 


When in doubt, a bottle of Rum is always a classic gift for a new boat owner. 

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