PFD suggestions for kayak fishing.

When it comes to PFD's there are lots of options to choose from - styles, shapes, colours - you name it. Understandable, it can be overwhelming and/or confusing so we're here to help!

We've put together a list of PFD's that would work great for kayak fishing in all kinds of kayaks. 


Salus Kayak Angler PFD

Salus Kayak Angler PFD

Whether you're a paddler who likes to fish, or an Angler who likes to paddle, the Salus Kayak Angler is the ideal PFD, offering a unique combination of both kayak and fishing features in one vest. It features a large cargo pocket at the front with buckle closure, rounded edges for comfort, pigtail retractor w. clip to have your most used used items at the ready, 6 point adjustment for a perfect fit every time and tapered back for room in the shoulders and arms. 

Oh and did I mention it has fleece lined pockets too? 

Price: $155

Mustang Elite 

Mustang Elite

Designed & engineered specifically for anglers! The Mustang Elite features a new aerodynamic 3D chassis that improves mobility and comfort while reducing neck fatigue. It doesn't sit on your neck like most inflatables rather it rests on your shoulders with the wide shoulder system. It is apart of the HIT family from Mustang so it will automatically inflate when it is submerged in 4" or more of water. The back panel features a wicking mesh liner for breathability and also features a mesh vent for even more overall breathability. 

Price: $249.95

*Fogh Marine recommends using an inherently buoyant PFD in any kayak or sailboat. But those who do not like those can use inflatables. In which case we recommend using the Hydrostatic without harness versions (like the Elite above) of the inflatables so there are no misfires and it will go off if you're knocked unconscious and you go over. The non Hydrostatic versions (i.e. salt pill versions) may lead to misfires since kayakers are in areas that will be getting wet and/or in situations that can get a lot of splashing (leading to the salt pill dissolving and misfiring). 

As per Transport Canada's regulations, those who are under 16 years old or weigh less than 80lbs are not allowed to wear inflatable PFD's while operating a person watercraft (e.g a kayak).

Mustang Deluxe Sportsman's Vest 

Mustang Sportsman Vest

Look at the size of those pockets - lots of room to put all your fishing must haves & have them at the ready! The Sportsman's Vest features a low profile construction that contours to the body and reduces bulk. The slim design and flexible foam cut provides unhindered range of motion and eliminates chafing around the shoulders and arms. With multiple attachment points, you can hook on your radio, multi-tool or fishing net! This vest is the ideal choice for sportsmen seeking a comfortable, low-profile PFD for all their activities. Perfect for river, lake and kayak fishing.

Price: $119.00

Salus Eddy 

Salus Eddy Just getting into angling or looking for a simple, "does the job" type of PFD for angling and more? The Salus Eddy is a great choice! Use it while angling or canoeing, stand up paddle boarding or kayaking in general. It features a contour fit, high back construction, low profile padding for ease of bending and prevention of ride-up, tapered back pad for clearance in shoulder and arm movement - your mobility will not be constricted while you're trying to reel in that stubborn one or while paddling around! It also features a lash tab and zippered pocket to keep your essentials in. 

Price: $109.00

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